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5 Must-haves for a perfect Graduation bash

1. Sign-In Table

Remember this celebration is all about you! You are the star of the show. Display some pictures of you. A sign in board is a great keepsake, in this graduation we used a wooden board with the shape of Texas, a container for your guests to drop your cards, flowers and other fun props!!

2. Dessert Table

Who doesn't love a sweet treat?!?! Well, in this type of celebration sweets are an essential component. Choose your favorite desserts, it doesn't have to be fancy to be good....a good display and decor will do it!

3. Drink Station

A self-served drink station is fun and convenient. Have an assortment of drinks, in this picture we are showing the adult station. Have drink dispensers filled with infused water, buckets for cans and bottles, ice buckets. If you want to go the extra mile, add some serving plates for fruits to add to your beverage.

4. Buffet Table

You can be as creative as you want! This table is one of the main focuses of the party....we are all where the food is...LOL. Use different tables. In this graduation we used a cart for plates and utensils, a 6 ft table with a basic white linen for the warm food and a small tray table for SALSAS!!! Make it fun and different!

5. Flowers

Flowers, flowers and more flowers! They add warmth and life to your celebration. Small arrangements here and there will do it!

Have fun creating the perfect graduation party!!!

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